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Prerequisite for the installation of Seilaplan is QGIS version 3.6 or higher. You can download QGIS here.

Attention! With QGIS versions 3.10.9 and 3.14.15 the error message "Library scipy not available" sometimes occurs. The error can be fixed by updating the QGIS version. This is an internal QGIS problem. Furthermore, QGIS versions 3.16.12 and 3.16.13 contain a serious bug that causes QGIS or plugins to freeze. These versions were only available for download from 22.10.2021 to 15.11.2021. In the meantime, they can no longer be downloaded from the QGIS site and the new, corrected version 3.16.14 should be available from 19.11.2021. All other versions of QGIS from version 3.6. onwards are compatible with Seilaplan.

The plugin can be integrated directly in the QGIS Plugin Manager: To do this, add a new online source (repository) with the following address in the menu under Extensions > Manage Extensions > Settings:

Seilaplan can then be called up and installed via the search function.

Detailed installation instructions, first steps and troubleshooting tips can be found in the PDF (available only in german): SEILAPLAN_Installation_und_erste_Schritte.pdf



If an update is available for the plugin, this will be indicated by the puzzle piece icon at the bottom right of the screen.


Obtaining elevation data for Switzerland

Since spring 2021, the Swiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo provides very accurate elevation data for free download. The data can be conveniently downloaded into QGIS using the QGIS plugin Swiss Geo Downloader.

The plugin is installed in the Extensions > Manage and Install Extensions menu (click on the All or Not Installed tab on the left). Enter Swiss Geo Downloader in the search field and select the plugin. Click Install extension at the bottom right.

The plugin can be opened in the toolbar or in the Web menu after successful installation.