Professorship for Forest Engineering
ETH Zurich
8092 Zurich
(Concept, realisation version 1.x for QGIS 2)

Sustainable Forestry Group
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest Research WSL
8903 Birmensdorf
(Realisation version 2.x and 3.x for QGIS 3)

Persons involved
Leo Bont, Hansrudolf Heinimann (concept, mechanics)
Patricia Moll (Implementation in Python / QGIS, programming GUI)
Laura Ramstein, Fritz Frutig (coordination of further development, improvement of usability)
Janine Schweier (Head of the research group)

Practice partner
Abächerli Forstunternehmen AG
Nüesch & Ammann Forstunternehmung AG


Leo Bont is available to answer any questions you may have.